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Losing Weight: The Easiest, Safest, Best, Fastest, and Most Effective Way

I am writing a short blog-article which has no relation to any of my other blogs, and for this I may receive plenty of flak and derision. But I believe that if one has some kind of knowledge or technique which can benefit someone else, that knowledge or technique should be made public so that whoever can possibly benefit from it will do so. Too many important pieces of knowledge, and too many techniques, have died away because of failure to propagate them. And for people who have weight problems, it is no small problem. Therefore I request the readers to propagate this article among as many people as possible, (whoever feels the need to lose weight) to try this sure-fire method for at least ten days - I feel results will become visible well before that, and to give their comments after that to enable more people to evaluate the efficacy of this method.

This method does not require:
a) any special exercises,
b) any kind of medicines (not even herbal ones),
c) any extra expenses, or
d) any kind of significant diet restrictions.
There are many diets which prescribe restrictive eating: only-starch, only-fats, only-proteins, only-uncooked-food, etc. Others ask you to avoid all fried foods and sweets completely  ̶  this method allows you to eat what you want: one of my meals during this diet, four days ago, happened to consist of 2 plain khasta kachoris, two pieces of milk-cake, and a large glass of sweet coffee.
Others ask you to follow certain rigid time-rules: either to strictly have only two meals a day (and beyond that not to open one's mouth except to speak, or sing, or to drink water) or alternately to eat-a-little-food-every-one-or-two-hours, etc. There are also near-starvation diets  ̶  this method does not require any rigid pattern, and allows you to eat as per your regular timings (or if any particular routine has been particularly advised by a doctor) or as you feel hungry. By this method, you automatically feel full and satisfied after eating less than usual, and will automatically eat less.
All these other diets will result in weight-loss very, very slowly, apart from possible side-effects on your health, but once you stop the diet the weight will go shooting up at a fast rate. The method prescribed by me in this article will send your weight plummeting down fast; and if you completely abandon this method after losing a number of kilos, your subsequent weight-gain (unless you go berserk and start indulging in a continuous and non-stop spate of eating-binges over a long period) will be considerably slower.

Yes, it will always be better if you follow certain general rules of eating, but not from the point of view of weight-loss (which will happen anyway if you follow this method), only from the point of view of general health, such as:
a) drink your regular quantities of water or more, as you see fit (sip the water, don't gulp or pour it instantly down your throat), but not for some time before and after meals,
b) get regular sleep, and
c) try to eat healthy food, from any conventional viewpoint of "healthy" and "unhealthy" food, rather than unhealthy food (although there is no restriction even on eating sweets, unless you have diabetes, or fried foods), and as far as possible avoiding foodstuffs containing chemicals.

The only health problem which can emerge from this method is a possible bout of constipation (especially troublesome if you are prone to piles or fissures), so try, during the duration of this diet, to eat as little as possible of high protein food (such as nuts, soya-products, and dehydrated milk products like cheese, paneer, shrikhand, basundi and condensed milk, thick rich curds, kulfi, etc.)  ̶  though you need not be obsessive about avoiding them altogether  ̶  and to eat as much as possible of high fibre and laxative foods including isabgol (phyllium husk), etc. and other laxatives which work for you. Sipping a glass of hot water (hot: not warm, nor boiling) before going to sleep at night will also help.

The only thing you require for this method is time and patience (patience not in the number of days for the diet to start working, but patience while eating). Remember:  it works! Try it patiently for at least ten days and see the results. The method is so simple that I can explain it in a few lines, and so easy that anyone can do it (unless they are determined not to try it seriously, or they are uncontrollably lacking in patience).

The Method: The method is called "The 100-Bites Diet". Whatever you are eating, take a mouthful of it in your mouth and start biting without swallowing. After 100 bites, or as close to it as you can get  ̶  the mouthful of solid food will have become almost liquid in your mouth with the amount of saliva mixing in it  ̶  slowly start swallowing even as you are biting, in your normal style of eating. That is all! Have your full meal in this way. Believe it or not, you will start seeing concrete results within ten days.

At first you may feel that you will not get the full taste of the food eating in this manner, but after a few days you will realize that you are enjoying the taste of the food after all, in a different and equally, if not more, satisfying way. Some foods, even rice dishes, may be more difficult to bite a 100 times since they will start melting in the mouth after about 30 bites or less: try to bite as many times as possible or try to include food items which will require more bites to almost-dissolve in your mouth.
One big problem will be eating out: a person having his meals in the office during lunch-time, or eating at someone else's house or in a hotel or in a public function, will find it difficult to sit eating every mouthful with a 100 bites. You will have to find your own solutions for this problem, at least till you lose a significant number of kilos (after which you can relax the number of bites as per your disposition, though, as I said, try not to start swallowing and gulping down the food in quite the old way), but remember also that even in the middle of the diet there is no harm in relaxing the number of bites for the special occasion or emergency.

Some corollary points:
1. Usually, we are advised to concentrate on our food and not to read or watch TV (or its newer equivalents) while eating. However, in this method, the diet becomes easier to follow if the food is eaten while reading or watching TV, etc., and an office-goer could eat while working on the computer. As we mechanically count the bites at the same time as reading or watching - or working - it actually becomes less tedious: I sometimes find I have reached 130 or 140 bites without realizing it.
2. For those who have no patience for 100 bites, at least try a 50-bites diet, or even a 25-bites diet! Remember, the key is to not start swallowing the food till you complete that number of bites.
And after achieving a reasonable amount of weight loss, anyone finding this method of eating too tiresome as a permanent method could also reduce it to 50 or 25 bites. Also, the rule of biting without swallowing can also then be relaxed most of the time, since that would be rather difficult to maintain on a permanent basis.
Note: the speed at which you bite may not be strictly relevant. It is not necessary to eat slowly. If in a hurry, you can bite the decided number of bites at a fast speed: the relevant point is to bite that number of times without starting to swallow the food. Whatever the speed of biting, the effect will be substantially the same: the food will get crushed and liquidized.
3. Although no particular exercises are required to make this diet work, I would advise the person practicing this diet to supplement it with walking as much as possible, more for health and energy purposes than for the purpose of losing weight. Also, if you want, you can optionally do the following simple "exercise" to reduce your stomach in particular more effectively. The "exercise" is as simple as the diet method: merely stand in one spot and kick up each leg alternately (at whatever speed and to whatever height you can, and as many times as you feel comfortable with), either with leg stretched straight out as high as possible in ballet-dancer style, or with knee folded and raised as high as possible as in marching. [Also, of course, free-hand bending-and-stretching exercises and Yoga (asanas and pranayama) will always add to the benefits].
4. Also, anyone who feels that certain exercise regimes, apparatus (belts, etc.) and diet regimes can help him/her to reduce, please feel free to combine those or that  with this method. The results you get will definitely be much more striking than if you just try those regimes by themselves, since this method is effective even by itself.
5. Perhaps a weekly holiday even while carrying out this diet may help, or at least may not affect the efficacy of this method.
Also note that in the middle of carrying out this diet, after a few days of weight-loss you may seem to reach a plateau. Do not lose hope: it is a sign of the body adjusting itself to the change, and after a few days, the weight-loss will resume. So continue till you achieve the goal.

This diet is a sure-fire and tried-and-tested diet. It is, as far as I know, my own discovery as a method (and a sure-fire method) of losing weight fast and effectively, although biting the food 32 times (because, someone told me, we have 32 teeth) has been a time-tested piece of health-advice, and eating slowly is a regular yogic method of healthy eating. As I said, the key element here is biting without swallowing till completing the decided number of bites.

I can testify as follows: In 1984, I first lost 15 kilos in three months. Four years ago, in 2015, I came down from 99 kilos to 84 kilos in two months. After that I have never gone above 95 although I did not continue with it (I have very little patience and stopped the diet after reaching 84 kilos). Since the last more than seven months I was stuck on 93 kilos  ̶   although throughout this period I was walking a minimum of 15 kilometers almost every day and trying to eat less, and in fact, for a few months I even avoided eating after 6 p.m.! I was trying to persuade myself to start the diet again. On 22/7/2019, I found I had gone past 94 kilos, and decided that enough was enough and started the diet from 23/7/2019.
In 10 days, from 23/7/2019-1/8/2019, my weight had fallen from 94+ to 89 kilos. After this third-time proof of the efficacy of the method, I decided to make my diet-method public via this blog article. After this, sorry to say, there were so many obstacles (social events, festivals, etc.) that I could not continue the diet, but am still today (26/9/2019) around 89-90 kilos.

Please give critical comments after trying this diet (or after seeing someone else trying it)! [I mean critical comments about the method, not about a writer on serious subjects "trying" to become what someone called a "weight-loss guru"!].

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