Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Devdutt Pattanaik disproves the "Out-of-India" Case

Devdutt Pattanaik disproves the Out-of-India Case

Yes, believe it or not, the super-scholar story-teller Devdutt Pattanaik has actually disproved the Out-of-India Case once and for all. And for this, he did not have to do any deep studies: no studies in, or examination of, the pertinent data from the fields of Linguistics, Archaeology or Textual Studies (or from Genetics either - a reference to the name of that master-Geneticist, Tony Joseph, is enough!). All he had to do was issue one witty fatwa tweet, and lo and behold, he has shut everyone's mouths once and for all.

A few days ago, I uploaded my blog article "The Rigveda and the Aryan Theory, A Rational Perspective THE FULL OUT-OF-INDIA CASE IN SHORT" presenting the full case in one piece. Anyone who wants to debate the issue, or express views, opinions and arguments on the matter, now has the whole Out-of-India case in one place, if he/she wants. Or so I thought.

But seers, sages and holy men do not have to sink to the low level of scholarly study, analysis or debate. They can "see" the Truth clearly in their mind's eye. All Pattanaik had to do was issue one prophetic tweet and flatten the Out-of-India theory out of existence once and for all:

By this masterstroke, Pattanaik has shown himself to be the greatest linguist on earth. He has proved something else, that no linguist had done, or even suspected, till date: that the gypsies did not emigrate from India after all:

"If the gypsies migrated OUT of India then they would easily pronounce Vedic and Tamil 'retroflex' sounds such as or . They don't. These are Indian sounds. Adopted by everyone, even Aryans, who migrated INTO India. Genetics resonates this linguistic phenomena"
[An illiterate like me would have said "this linguistic phenomenon"]

And lo and behold, history stands changed, once and for all. Who can question the inner vision of saints and seers - much less of the greatest modern rishi of them all? Look, already, in this screenshot alone, he has 165 retweets and 872 likes!

Now all the departments of Linguistics in all the Universities of the world can be shut down - or at least all the superfluous tomes of linguistic studies and analysis can be burnt down or shredded for good, or at the very least, all further data and analysis can be put to an end. The syllabus in each and every one of these Universities should consist only of Devdutt Pattanaik's books, and a collection of all his revelatory tweets in the form of a new book.  


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  1. But there are retroflex consonants in some IE languages of Europe. This argument that european languages lack retroflex consonants is another failed argument.

    Scandinavian, Slavic and Some Romance do have a great variety of rertroflex consonants. The languages like Norwegian and Swedish even have Voiced retroflex flap and Voiced retroflex lateral flap, something that's clearly non european and is found in Indian languages only.